Sunday, January 24, 2010

sir 'ashare alias' = sir 'ashaari alias'

from 1.30 to 2.. from 2 to before 3.. and then 15 minutes to 4..

ok da cukup membuat kn hilang sabar..

sorry sbb lambat dan patut dihukum.. (nasib baik tak mengajar utk sem ni) kalau tak...habis lah

have a good 'postpone' lunch with you.. hahahah

lepas ni kalau free 'open table' lah bak kata danial..

ala... lupa nk ambil gmbr sama-sama lah..


  1. I need to think twice if there will a next time around hanging out with you late-comers.. and if there is a next time around, you can only speak to me using ENGLISH, okay!

    yeah.. no pictures! too bad! ha-ha *sarcastic*

  2. by the way SMOKERS SUCK! go get yourselves fixed! QUIT NOW!!!!