Saturday, October 3, 2009

Dear God

Dear god ,

As to most people,they whine after saying your name.Whine about every little detail about their lives.For me, I would say that I am so grateful as you have gave me a chance to existance.
The reason why I am so grateful is that my life is going very well now. I have a great family, cool friends, a good lifestyle for an 18 years old and great things to explore infront of me.

I think currently I am undergoing a very normal process of growing up. Although I don't think that I really like my course but I love the place I am studying now. When I am back in my hometown, I am eager to explore the wonderful things behind the city. So far everything is going so smooth and I am pretty content with them.

So thank you God, for letting me be alive and enjoy the things I am enjoying now.

thanks AZ.

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